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Tough1 Payson Roughout 15in Barrel Saddle


Tough1 Payson Roughout 15in Barrel Saddle

Barrel Saddle


  • fiberglass tree
  • full quarter horse bars

The Tough1 Payson Roughout 15-inch Barrel Saddle is a superbly made saddle that combines unmatched comfort and tough durability. It is made especially for barrel racing fans who expect the best in terms of both performance and style.

The carefully thought-out design at the core of this outstanding saddle was created with skill and accuracy to meet the demanding requirements of barrel racing. With the rider’s comfort in mind, the 15-inch seat was carefully designed to offer the ideal combination of security and mobility. In addition to adding a bit of rustic appeal, the roughout leather treatment improves the rider’s grip during demanding movements, enabling a confident and controlled performance.

The Tough1 Payson Barrel Saddle’s tree is skillfully designed to provide ideal weight distribution, resulting in stability.

and ease for the rider as well as the animal. Riders can effortlessly negotiate sharp curves and rapid accelerations thanks to the reinforced rigging, which guarantees stable and balanced placement. This saddle is built to last a lifetime because of the premium materials that were utilized in its creation. It will be a dependable friend for many barrel racing experiences.

The hand-tooled flower motifs adorning the saddle demonstrate the attention to detail and offer a touch of classic elegance. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the saddle’s design showcases Tough1’s exceptional craftsmanship. The saddle’s overall beauty is further enhanced by the silver trim and conchos, which really make it a standout piece in the arena.

The well-designed, fashionable, and useful horn of the Tough1 Payson Barrel Saddle improves the rider’s communication and control over the horse. The stirrups, which are well positioned for balance, give the rider a stable basis while still feeling light, which is essential for quick movements in barrel racing championships.

This barrel saddle is a full package, not simply performance-oriented. Matching headstall and reins are included with the Tough1 Payson Roughout 15-inch Barrel Saddle to ensure a polished and well-coordinated appearance. The reins provide a pleasant grasp for accurate communication, and the headstall may be adjusted to fit horses of varying sizes.


The Tough1 Payson Roughout 15-inch Barrel Saddle is the pinnacle of barrel racing gear for people who appreciate both functionality and style. Whether you are an experienced rider or a novice, this saddle will help you ride the barrels with style and confidence. Make the ultimate investment and ride with the Tough1 Payson, where perfection meets performance.




Additional information

Weight 2500 kg
Seat Size

Seat color

Black, Brown, Tan


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The Tough1 Payson Roughout 15″ Barrel Saddle is a top choice for barrel racing enthusiasts, combining comfort and durability. With a 15″ seat, roughout leather for enhanced grip, and a well-crafted tree for stability, it meets the demands of barrel racing. The saddle features hand-tooled flower motifs, silver trim, and conchos for added elegance. The well-designed horn and included matching headstall and reins make it a stylish and functional choice for riders of all levels.

good sadle pad

February 18, 2024

Very nice saddle pad!

Debbie Ayres

excellent quality

February 18, 2024

My child adored her new saddle pad, which was highly recommended and of excellent quality considering the price.



February 18, 2024

The strap is superbly crafted! was my daughter’s Christmas gift, and she liked it.

Felicia Atkins

very comfortable

February 18, 2024

This saddle is a favorite of mine; and it rides comfortably and is well-made.


Quality product

February 18, 2024

They fulfill my every need.

Adrienne Rigg

Fantastic saddle pad!

February 16, 2024

My new saddle fits the saddle pad under it nicely. It appears that my horse is content with the comfort. I’m glad I bought this, then.

Rachael Jeter


February 16, 2024

Beautiful saddle, and so comfortable to canter on with my horse. The details are gorgeous. I have had my saddle for almpst a year now.

April Vanetten