The following information applies ONLY to saddles with the words Saddle test ride demo program or USED in the title.  For our returns policy on NEW SADDLES, please see our RETURNS page.

A trial period is available for you to ensure that the saddle is an appropriate fit for you and your horse.  A credit card is required to participate in the Saddle Test Ride Program.  The full purchase price of the saddle will be incurred on the credit card. The purchase price will be refunded once the saddle has been returned.

The purchase price of the saddle is refundable if you return it within 7 days of receipt of the saddle.  Extensions to this time may be available by calling 724-900-9451 or 888-406-2030.

Any saddles returned must be returned in the same condition as they were received.

Please take the following precautions when trying saddles:

    1. Protect the saddle from stirrup leather marks by wrapping the leather in a sock with the feet cut out or wrapping it well with plastic wrap.  Place soft fabric or cloth under billets before tightening girth to prevent markings or rubs on flaps.
    2. When trying a saddle, please ride in breeches. Jeans can scuff some types of soft leather.
    3. Keep the saddle covered and protected at all times from dirt, wetness, etc. Do not ride in the rain or place the saddle on a rack that will damage it. Always use a clean saddle pad and keep the saddle free of sweat marks.
    4. Please contact the store within the allotted time as to whether you will return the saddle.

We encourage you to get a professional third-party opinion on saddle fit during your trial

You are responsible for any damage done to the saddle while you have it on trial. If the saddle comes back with any damage or substantial additional wear marks, your refund will be deducted accordingly plus depreciation. Examples of damage include but are not limited to: Scratches, stains, dings, excessive wear, torn leather, or a broken tree. Keep trial saddles away from animals with sharp claws! The saddle should be stored safely in a climate-controlled environment with a cover on it.

A refund for the saddle will be issued within three to five business days of the saddle being received back by Horse Saddle Deals, LLC.    

Saddle Test Ride Demo Program any disputes arising under these Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Pennsylvania. Horse activities are inherently dangerous.  The manufacturers, distributors, and sellers will not accept any responsibility for injury, death, lameness, or illness resulting from the misuse of these products.