15″ Used Tex Tan Western Barrel Racing Saddle 742-6164


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Presenting the “best option for barrel racing fans who desire speed, style, and performance is the 15″ Used Tex Tan Western Barrel Racing Saddle (742-6164). This saddle is made by Tex Tan, a brand that is known for its high quality, and it has a cozy 15” Taking this precaution will help you be prepared for agility and accuracy in the arena. It gives a secure fit for both you and your horse, enabling lightning-quick spins and unequaled performance. It was created to meet the demands of barrel racing. This saddle, designed to resist the demands of the sport, blends toughness with Tex Tan’s renowned workmanship. The Tex Tan Western Barrel Racing Saddle is your ticket to podium-worthy performances, so get ready to rule the barrels in style.

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Saddle Features

Rough out seat jockey and fenders
Leather has a light-medium finish
Full padded black suede seat
Full floral tooling featured on skirt, pommel and cantle
Geo-celtic border tooling
Single skirt with rounded edges
D-ring rigging
Accented with copper/silver cross conchos
Rawhide horn
Rawhide cantle with silver lacing
Includes purple stirrups
Saddle Specifications

Cantle: 5.25″
Horn height: 3.5″
Skirt length: Approx. 24″
Weight: Approx. 23 lbs
Tree size: 15.5″
Seat size: 15″
Gullet: 7″ mid-concho to mid-concho


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