15.5″ Used Crates Saddlery Western Trail Saddle 393-3753


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Presenting the “Your ticket to unrivaled comfort and fun on the trail is the 15.5” Old Crates Saddlery Western Trail Saddle 393-3753. This saddle, made by the high-caliber Crates Saddlery, has a large 15.5-inch seat “during your trail rides, a seat made for spending hours in the saddle. This saddle provides unrivaled stability and support for both you and your horse, whether you’re exploring tough terrain or lazily strolling along picturesque routes. It is made to resist the trials of the trail because it was created with premium materials. Riding in the Crates Saddlery Western Trail Saddle, where comfort and craftsmanship come together to create amazing outdoor experiences, will give you the confidence to take on your next trail-riding excursion.

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Trail Saddle

This dark brown, smooth leather saddle would be the perfect addition to your tack room. Long rides will be more pleasant and enjoyable thank to the black padded seat. The saddle is bordered by a simple basket stamp tooling. To keep all of your gear close at hand, saddle strings are included.

Weight: Approx. 29 lbs

Gullet: 6.5″ mid-concho to mid concho

Finished Seat Size: 15.5″

Skirt Length: 26″

Tree Size: 16″


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