Used Barnsby Close Contact Saddle 17/M


Original price was: $1,100.00.Current price is: $880.00.

17 inch seat
Medoium tree
Flap length = 15″

Utilised Barnsby Saddle with Close Contact

Barnsby Contact Saddle used

Medium tree with a 17-inch seat; 15-inch flap length; stamped H1736 175; used Barnsby close contact saddle

The Saddle Trial Program is applicable to this saddle. We understand that a perfect saddle fit is crucial for both the horse and the rider, so try it before you buy it. Kindly review the Saddle Trial Program details and contact us with any queries you may have!

At Tack & Feed, we’re pleased to provide so many distinctive and personalized saddles. It’s vital to remember that sometimes a saddle will sell out in our physical store before we receive updates on stock availability. In the event that this occurs, we will get in touch with you right away and try our best to get in touch with you if the saddle becomes available again. I appreciate your understanding.


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