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Ovation Explorer AP Saddle


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The Ovation Explorer AP Saddle combines versatility and comfort, ideal for all-purpose riding with its ergonomic design and quality craftsmanship.

Ovation Explorer AP Saddle

Perfect for the budget minded rider. Allows a rider to buy a NEW saddle with adjustable gullets that provide maximum options for their riding needs.

The Ovation Explorer AP Saddle is a favorite among riders participating in all-purpose equestrian sports because it is the embodiment of comfort and adaptability. This saddle delivers the ideal mix of design and usefulness because it was made using premium materials and close attention to detail.

The ergonomic design of the Ovation Explorer AP Saddle, which puts the comfort and right positioning of the rider first, is one of its best qualities. The deep seat of the saddle offers superior stability and support, enabling riders to stay balanced and in control across a range of terrains and riding styles. Furthermore, well-positioned knee rolls and padded flaps provide increased security and a close-knit feel, encouraging a harmonic relationship between the rider and the horse.

The Ovation Explorer AP Saddle is not only incredibly comfortable.


Tree: Ships with a Medium installed

*Includes a package with Medium Narrow, Medium Wide, Wide and X Wide

Panels: Foam

Knee Block: Velcro; Triangle

Thigh Block: Velcro

Flap: Regular

Seat Sizes: 16”-18” (including half sizes) and 19”

Color: Dark Brown


16.5 Inch, 16inch, 17.5inch, 17inch, 18inch, 19ich



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