Nettles The Gripper Barrel Racer 2″ Western Stirrup




IIntroducing Barrel Racer Stirrups with high-grip rubber treads for superior foot stability, offering a wide selection of Nettle Stirrups with “The Leveler” option for ankle comfort and customization.

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IIntroducing the Barrel Racer Stirrups, an enhanced version of the renowned Halbreeds with additional features designed for peak performance. These stirrups are engineered with precision, incorporating high-grip rubber treads to provide an unparalleled level of foot stability during your thrilling barrel racing endeavors.

Important Notice

Our Nettle Stirrups are available in a wide range of sizes and widths to suit your specific needs. Please be aware that the particular size or width you desire may or may not be currently in stock. If your requirements are urgent, we strongly recommend checking our current inventory. In cases where we don’t have your preferred size on hand, we can promptly place an order for you. For estimated delivery times, please contact us.

IIntroducing “The Leveler,” an exclusive feature exclusively compatible with Nettles Stirrups. Unleveled stirrups can cause your foot to tilt, leading to unnecessary stress on your ankle. Similar to the discomfort of having sand in your shoe, even the slightest tilt can result in discomfort.

You have the option to include “The Leveler” when ordering a new pair of Nettles Stirrups, or you can send your existing stirrups to our facility for the addition of this feature. Pricing is per pair, ensuring the utmost comfort and stability for your riding experience.


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