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Marcel Toulouse Optima Armani Close Contact Saddle with Genesis™


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Marcel Toulouse Optima Armani


Marcel Toulouse Optima Armani .Extremely comfortable and well-crafted, the Marcel Toulouse Armani Close Contact Saddle with Genesis™ is inspired by the best-selling Annice Saddle. The Optima Armani has a slightly wider medium-deep seat with a medium twist. It offers a feeling of security, yet keeps close contact with the horse.

The Genesis Adjustable Tree makes this saddle a good choice for fitting a variety of horses. Double-leather flaps provide excellent grip and support, while removable front and rear blocks can be positioned by the rider as desired. Full-grain leather reinforcement at the bottoms of the flaps helps protect the soft leather from wear.

Foam panels with Comfort Fit Technology create a comfortable, consistent fit for the horse.



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