Marcel Toulouse Annice with Genesis™


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Marcel Toulouse Annice Genesis


Marcel Toulouse Annice Genesis. For a close-contact feel and a traditional show ring-ready look, the Marcel Toulouse Annice with Genesis™ Adjustable Tree features covered leather and air flow panels. The slightly wider, medium-deep seat with moderate twist helps hold the rider in the correct position. A slight forward rotation on flaps accommodates riders of all sizes. Full-grain reinforcement at the bottom of flap helps protect against wear. Removable front and rear blocks can be positioned as desired. Foam panels.

The innovative Genesis adjustable gullet system allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses. The system adjusts to virtually any saddle width needed—millimeter by millimeter. Adjustments are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included hex wrench. Simply unlock the gullet, adjust the gullet width and lock in the new width—all without taking the saddle apart. A small, discreet leather-covered flap underneath the saddle is all you need to open to make adjustments. Once the adjustment is made, the tree locks securely in place.



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