M.Toulouse Maxinne Comfort Fit Close Contact Saddle 9200


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With the M. Toulouse Maxinne Comfort Fit Close Contact Saddle, experience the height of riding comfort and flair. This saddle was painstakingly made with creative design and excellent craftsmanship to give you and your horse unmatched comfort and performance.

The medium-deep seat and close contact sensation of the M. Toulouse Maxinne Saddle provide a stable and balanced position for jumping and flatwork. You stand out in the equestrian community with your excellent design and attentive details.

This saddle’s painstaking attention to detail guarantees maximum rider comfort and allows for seamless conformation to your horse’s form. The M. Toulouse Maxinne Comfort Fit Close Contact Saddle improves your riding, whether you’re mastering difficult courses or honing your dressage.

Maxinne Comfort Fit Close Contact

The Marcel Toulouse Comfort Fit™ Maxinne has a medium/deep, slightly widened and nicely padded seat. It’s designed with a low cantle, medium twist and small external anatomic molded knee pads.

Offered in a rich, deep chocolate that looks great from the first day, this saddle has subtle self-colored stitching. Covered leather flaps and jockey flaps have a thin layer of Comfort Foam hidden underneath for extra rider comfort. Full grain leather reinforcements at the bottom of flaps guard against wear

Front and rear blocks are removable and can be repositioned based on rider preference

Comfort Fit panels are made from two layers of foam. The outer layer of Comfort Foam is temperature-sensitive and molds to a horse’s unique shape, while the inner layer is denser foam that retains the panel’s shape and integrity.

The Comfort Fit panels come with a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturers defects.

Special Features

  • Comfort fit foam panels
  • Effective knee roll
  • Low cantle
  • Small external anatomic molded knee pads
  • Medium/narrow twist
  • Adjusta-block movable knee block system.
  • Medium-Deep padded seat
  • Slightly widened seat


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