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The Trekker Neutron Endurance Synthetic Western Saddle from the King Series® is a lightweight, rugged saddle designed for endurance rides or long hours on horseback. It features abrasion-resistant nylon and neoprene fenders, supple leather jockeys, a soft seat, full quarter horse bars, a flexible fiberglass-reinforced tree, a soft fleece underside, shock-absorbing endurance stirrups, and brass hardware.

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King Trekker Synthetic Endurance Saddle with Horn

Here’s saddle that offers the comfort and support you need for riders searching for Western-style saddle (with horn) that has the strength to withstand endurance rides or extended periods spent riding. 
Lightweight and tough, the Trekker Neutron Endurance Synthetic Western Saddle from the King Series® provides exceptional performance, balance, and comfort. 
It has supple leather jockeys, plush seat, and abrasion-resistant nylon and neoprene fenders and skirts for comfortable ride. 
flexible fiberglass-reinforced tree and full quarter horse bars effectively distribute weight on your horse’s back. 
Your horse’s back is comforted by soft fleece underbelly, and the rider’s knees and ankles are relieved by shock-absorbing endurance stirrups with nylon-reinforced straps and Tough-1 quick-change buckles. 
the double-front cinch
• Outstanding comfort and support for endurance riding or long hours on the trail
• Abrasion-resistant nylon and neoprene fenders and skirts
• Leather jockeys and a soft seat
• Full-quarter horse bars and fiberglass-reinforced tree
• Padded fleece underside
• Deluxe shock-absorbing stirrups with quick-change buckles
• Double-front cinch in skirt
• Brass hardware with multiple gear rings
Item Specifications:
Tree:  Rawhide Covered
Gullet: Reg width 7.5″, wide width is 8.5″
Bars: Full quarter horse
Horn: 3″
Cantle: 4″
Swell: 13″
Skirt: 25″ x 16 1/2″
Rigging: Double-D
Materials Nylon, Neoprene, Leather, Fiberglass, Fleece
Weight: 22 lbs (approximate)
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16 Inch, 16inch-W, 17 Inch, 17inch-W


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