King Series Braden w/Silver Trail Sdl


Original price was: $729.00.Current price is: $656.10.

  • 7″ Gullet
  • Wide Tree
  • Full Quarter Horse Bars
  • Floral tooling
  • Suede seats
  • Leather billet straps (Color of leather on billet straps may vary)
  • Rear Cinch** (** Only included with sizes 14 – 17)
  • Silver dot embellishments
  • Antique star conchos with silver overlay

King Series Braden Silver

King Series Braden Silver. Trail Saddle
The Braden Leather Trail Saddle features floral tooling, suede seats, silver dot embellishments and antique star conchos with silver overlay. Leather billet straps and floral tooled fenders complete the look.


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