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14″ to 16″ HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03



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The Western Trail saddle features a bullhide covered tree, gullet, bar, snowflake design, and natural finish. Available in various sizes, it offers comfort, convenience, and durability.

    Western Trail Saddle 403

    HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03

    The HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03 saddle features a bull hide-covered tree with a 6 3/4″ gullet and a 13 1/4″ bar. It showcases a hand-tooled snowflake design, complemented by a natural finish. The saddle includes a flank set and is available in various seat sizes ranging from 14″ to 16″. The suede padded seat adds comfort, while the strings provide convenience. Additionally, the rough-out fender and jockey contribute to the overall durability and functionality of the saddle.

    At Horse Saddle Deals, we are dedicated to providing equestrians with top-tier saddles, and we are excited to introduce the HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03. Whether you’re a dedicated trail rider or a Western enthusiast, this saddle offers unbeatable comfort and quality for your riding experience.

    Crafted for the Trail

    The HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle is designed with the trail rider in mind. This saddle is a testament to the expertise of HR “Hud” Roberts, a renowned name in the Western saddle industry. Its thoughtful design and exceptional craftsmanship ensure a comfortable and secure ride on the trail.

    Comfort and Support

    Long hours on the trail demand a saddle that prioritizes rider comfort. The 403R03 boasts a well-padded seat that minimizes fatigue, allowing you to enjoy your ride to the fullest. Its ergonomic design provides excellent support, making it an ideal choice for riders who want to explore the great outdoors in style.

    Durability and Quality

    Quality and durability are at the core of the HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle. Crafted from premium materials, this saddle is built to withstand the rigors of trail riding. The robust construction and sturdy tree ensure it can handle the challenges of rugged terrains and provide reliable performance for years to come.

    Value at Horse Saddle Deals

    At Horse Saddle Deals, we believe that high-quality saddles should be affordable. The HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03 represents this commitment, offering exceptional value without compromising on quality. You can enjoy the comfort and durability of a top-tier saddle without breaking the bank.

    Join the Horse Saddle Deals Community

    When you choose the HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle, you become a part of the Horse Saddle Deals community. We’re here to support your equestrian journey with top-tier products and expertise. Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for any questions or advice on saddle selection.

    In conclusion, the HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle is the perfect choice for trail riders who seek comfort, support, durability, and quality. At Horse Saddle Deals, we offer a premium saddle that won’t stretch your budget. Join our community today and elevate your trail riding experience with the HR Hud Roberts Western Trail Saddle 403R03.


    • Western Trail
    • Bullhide Covered Tree
    • 6 3/4″ Gullet, 13 1/4″ Bar
    • Hand Tooled Snow Flake
    • Natural
    • Flank Set
    • Comes In 14, 14!/2″ 15″, 15 1/2″, 16″ Seat Sizes
    • Suede Padded Seat
    • Strings
    • Rough Out Fender And Jockey.

    14 inch, 14.5inch, 15 inch, 15.5inch, 16 Inch


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