HDR Vegan-X Dressage Saddle


Original price was: $1,444.57.Current price is: $1,210.00.

• Synthetic material looks like leather
• Easy care
• Ideal for all weather riding
• Lightweight
• Synthetic wool flocking

HDR Vegan-X Dressage

HDR Vegan-X Dressage. The Vegan Saddle is crafted to resemble exceptional leather, but make no mistake, this saddle is animal product-free. Get that classic, sleek look without breaking the bank or utilizing animal products.
This synthetic leather is low maintenance for the busy equestrian, light weight and worry-free for getting caught in the rain. Cleaning is a cinch, just gently rub a damp cloth after your ride, no conditioner or saddle soap necessary. With a medium deep seat and stabilizing knee rolls, the horse and rider connection will be as clear as a traditional saddle, without the hassle.


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