HDR Jaipur Polo Saddle


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  • Exceptionally Grippy Leather
  • Unique Flap Construction
  • Lifetime guarantee on reinforced tree
  • Adequate spine and wither clearance for horse’s comfort

HDR Jaipur Polo Saddle


HDR Jaipur Polo Saddle. Jaipur saddles are made with exceptionally grippy leather to provide a secure seat and are designed for helping players achieve a firm and stable platform. The right distribution of weight.

The unique construction of the flap is made with outer leather for grip. An inner layer for durability that are glued and stitched for suppleness and durability.

Jaipur Polo saddles are made with adequate spine and wither clearance for a fitting and comfort. A round-shouldered polo pony to a high withered thoroughbred.

Our reinforced trees come with a lifetime guarantee and provides lateral flexibility for effortless support for the motion of the horse.




Bates Elevation DeepSeat w/Cover Leath


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