Collegiate® Honour Close Contact Saddle


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Wipe leather with a clean rag. Use leather cleaner and conditioner as needed.

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Honour Close Contact Saddle


Honour Close Contact Saddle. The Collegiate® Honour Saddle is handcrafted for horse and rider comfort in double-layer soft, supple and grippy leather.  This jumping saddle boasts contrast and ghost stitching, a square cantle and attractive wear guards. Collegemate’s Simple & Quick changeable gullet system lets you alter the width of the gullet at the front to fit your horse as fitness levels change.

Key features:

  • High-quality naturally tanned and pigmented double leather for comfort and optimal grip.
  • Narrow twist to support a more secure seat and correct leg position.
  • Semi-deep seat and square cantle for a more secure and comfortable ride.
  • Shaped and molded knee pads for stability and to assist with correct leg position.
  • Synthetic wool panels.
  • Short billets.
  • Simple & Quick changeable gullet system. Opti-Fit gullet plates are sold separately. Saddle include a medium plate.
  • 10 year warranty on the saddle tree; 2 year warranty on the saddle


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