Bates Victrix Havana CAIR Jump Saddle


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  • Luxe Leather
  • CAIR® Cushion System
  • EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution
  • Front and rear Flexiblocs
  • SynergyPanel
  • SweetSpot
  • Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar

Bates Victrix Havana CAIR


Bates Victrix Havana CAIR. Unleash you horse’s true power with the Bates Victrix. Lightweight and compact, this ultra-close saddle offers your horse complete comfort and flexion in every stride, giving your partnership the edge over the competition. Trust in the Bates Victrix to be your ultimate secret weapon.

The Bates Victrix is made from Luxe Leather. Hand-selected from the finest calf leather in the world and meticulously cared for throughout its specialized tanning process. To guarantee exceptional performance in strength, richness of color. Ultra-soft feel and level of grip to meet the unique demands of an equestrian saddle.

The Synergy Panel™ is low-profile, stable, and close with the ultimate protective cushioning and shock absorption of air, resulting in pressure reduction for your horse and improved. Blood flow to their muscles. Wither freedom design and the soft dynamic air cushioning ensures your horse has a natural and confident frame over the jump.


Victrix Havana CAIR

Simply the ultimate jump seat, the Sweet. Spot effortlessly locates the rider in a neutral position, poised for take-off in perfect alignment with a seamless ultra- narrow and close contact. The renowned CAIR® Cushion System and EASY-CHANGE® Fit Solution offer. The greatest flexibility in achieving a customized fit and fluid cushioning. Ensuring your horse’s absolute comfort and your peace of mind.

Because the position of your stirrup bar has a profound impact on your natural alignment in the saddle, you can customize its location with the Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup Bar. Its unique shaping reduces any bulk under your leg. For even more comfort, front and rear Flexible’s enable you to customize the support for your individual riding position.

Note: Some of the Bates Victrix Accent Colors are manufactured on request. Please be aware that these saddle have a lead time up to 12 weeks if they are not currently in stock. It will be worth the wait!

Item Specifications:

Material: Luxe Leather

Weight: 13.9 lbs




Bates Victrix Black CAIR Jump Saddle


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