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Bates Caprilli CC Plus Luxe Leather


Bates Caprilli CC Plus

Bates Caprilli CC Plus. The Bates Caprilli Close Contact+ with Luxe Leather for optimal stability, balance and comfort in the saddle. Broad and tapered panels offer tremendous support for the horse’s working muscles, enabling their greater freedom of movement. Comes in three different flap lengths: Regular, Extended, and Forward. The extended flap is longer than the regular flap, and the forward flap is both longer and more forward than the standard flap.
The Luxe Leather is hand selected from the finest European calf-leather in the world. It is meticulously cared for throughout its specialized tanning process to guarantee exceptional performance in strength, richness of color, ultra-soft feel and level of grip to meet the unique demands of an equestrian saddle. Bates saddles featuring the Luxe leather upgrade may take up to 12 weeks for delivery and it will be worth the wait!

Item Specifications:

Classic Brown


Luxe Leather
Weight: 14.3 lbs

Cambridge Synthetic AP Youth Saddle


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Original price was: $2,595.00.Current price is: $2,335.50.

  • Serious show jumping saddle for advanced riders
  • Close contact and optimally balanced seat for safe, comfortable landings
  • Maximizes freedom of movement and comfort for your horse
  • Ergonomic Stirrup Bar removes at least one thickness from under your thigh, ensuring even closer contact
  • Unique shaping of stirrup bar offers secure attachment of the leather while enabling leather to come free during a fall, if required
  • Recessed stirrup channel eliminates interference with your leg for a closer feel of your horse
  • Adjustable Flexibloc System enables you to customize the support for your individual riding position
  • General performance panel designed to ensure a large “footprint” on your horse’s back, maximizing the weight bearing surface of the saddle; increasing your horse’s comfort
  • Coupled with wide and even chamber, the panels support horse’s working muscles and maximizes movement in their shoulder area
  • CAIR Cushion System uses air technology to distribute the rider’s weight and cushions the horse’s back
  • EASY-CHANGE Gullet System allows selection of optimal gullet width for the horse’s current shape and muscling
  • EASY-CHANGE Riser System allow you to make adjustments within the saddle panels for the optimal balance and clearance
  • Quick-Change Girth Point System – Short Triple

good sadle pad

February 18, 2024

Very nice saddle pad!

Debbie Ayres

excellent quality

February 18, 2024

My child adored her new saddle pad, which was highly recommended and of excellent quality considering the price.



February 18, 2024

The strap is superbly crafted! was my daughter’s Christmas gift, and she liked it.

Felicia Atkins

very comfortable

February 18, 2024

This saddle is a favorite of mine; and it rides comfortably and is well-made.


Quality product

February 18, 2024

They fulfill my every need.

Adrienne Rigg

Fantastic saddle pad!

February 16, 2024

My new saddle fits the saddle pad under it nicely. It appears that my horse is content with the comfort. I’m glad I bought this, then.

Rachael Jeter


February 16, 2024

Beautiful saddle, and so comfortable to canter on with my horse. The details are gorgeous. I have had my saddle for almpst a year now.

April Vanetten