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Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle




Attention to detail and thoughtful design is also visible in:

  • Streamlined girth points and unique attachments that remove any bulk or lumps from under the rider’s legs.
  • Locked-down molding of the skirts.
  • A d-ring that can be angled when used for attaching a steady hand grip to allow it to lie seamlessly flat.

Sizes: 0 (Approx. 42cm/16.5″ to 43cm/17″), 1 (Approx. 43cm/17″ to 44cm/17.5″), 2 (Approx. 44cm/17.5″ to 46cm/18″).

Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle


Bates Artiste Dressage Saddle. The Artiste Dressage Saddle offers an extremely close ride in support of total harmony between horse and rider. When it comes to communication, the Monoflap design enables the saddle to feel like it disappears, letting the rider feel the horse as never before. With the unique shaping of the saddle flaps, aids are transmitted. To the horse clearly and directly.

The artistry off bold innovations creates a connection that is transformative.

Key features:

  • Luxe Leather is hand-selected from the finest. Calf leather in the world and meticulously cared for throughout its specialized tanning process. It guarantees exceptional performance in strength, richness of color, ultra-soft feel and level of grip to meet the unique demands of an equestrian saddle.
  • The sweet spot in the seat guides the rider to a neutral position. Where pelvic bones can be felt squarely and contact is closest. This allows for a longer leg, perfect alignment and support for their upper body balance.

Dressage Saddle

  • The Adjustable Ergonomic Stirrup bar allows precise customization of stirrup bar position for optimum rider comfort.
  • The external Flexi Contourbloc® on the Bates. Artiste Saddle is placed high and features. A contoured, very soft inner surface to allow the rider. An unmatched feeling of security and freedom where the legs melt effortlessly into the bloc without feeling constrained.
  • The Bates Synergy Panel provides ultimate freedom for the horse to perform to full potential. It is the most shock-absorbent and protective panel for the horse’s comfort and full range of movement. The revolutionary low-profile panel allows an unprecedented seamless transition of the rider onto their horse for ultimate connection.
  • New S-buckle billet attachment provides the slimmest profile under the rider’s legs and allows for easy replacement of billets
  • Y-girthing provides optimal saddle stability.
  • The Bates Elastiflex tree allows for adjustability.

The Bates Artiste Saddle features Horse and Rider Technology (HART), which includes the EASY-CHANGE™ Standard Gullet System and EASY-CHANGE™ Riser System. It arrives with the Medium (black) EASY-CHANGE Gullet installed.

Other gullets are sold separately. The CAIR® cushion system allows for fluid distribution of weight and pressure from the rider.



Kincade Close Contact Saddle


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