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Abetta Pathfinder Trail Saddle


Abetta Pathfinder Trail Saddle

  • Poly solid design for full Quarter Horse bars with 7 inch gullet width
  • Cantle: 5 inch high with nylon binder
  • Horn: 3 1/4″, waterproof PVC covered with leather edge
  • Rigging: 7/8 nylon rigging with stainless steel hardware
  • Finish: Tough stratch resistant 1000 denier nylon laminated over shock absorbing foam with saddle fleece lined skirts, and engraved silver trim with extra tie down rings and long strings
  • Stirrups: 4 inch endurance with thick shock-absorbing pads
  • Weight: 19 lbs
  • Synthetic material

The Abetta Pathfinder Trail Saddle is the pinnacle of adaptability and toughness, meeting the varied demands of trail riders looking for both performance and comfort. This saddle, which was painstakingly made with attention to detail, is proof of Abetta’s dedication to excellence and innovation in horse equipment.

The lightweight design of the Pathfinder Trail Saddle is its core feature; it was thoughtfully built to improve riding without sacrificing strength or stability. With the assurance that their saddle won’t make them heavier or slow down their horse, riders can take on extended trail rides.

The Abetta Pathfinder Trail Saddle puts comfort first. Even when riding for extended periods of time, riders may enjoy a comfortable and supporting base thanks to the ergonomic seat and padded padding. Whether negotiating difficult terrain

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The Abetta Pathfinder Trail Saddle: Lightweight, durable design for comfortable rides, perfect for trail enthusiasts seeking reliability and comfort.

      good sadle pad

      February 18, 2024

      Very nice saddle pad!

      Debbie Ayres

      excellent quality

      February 18, 2024

      My child adored her new saddle pad, which was highly recommended and of excellent quality considering the price.



      February 18, 2024

      The strap is superbly crafted! was my daughter’s Christmas gift, and she liked it.

      Felicia Atkins

      very comfortable

      February 18, 2024

      This saddle is a favorite of mine; and it rides comfortably and is well-made.


      Quality product

      February 18, 2024

      They fulfill my every need.

      Adrienne Rigg

      Fantastic saddle pad!

      February 16, 2024

      My new saddle fits the saddle pad under it nicely. It appears that my horse is content with the comfort. I’m glad I bought this, then.

      Rachael Jeter


      February 16, 2024

      Beautiful saddle, and so comfortable to canter on with my horse. The details are gorgeous. I have had my saddle for almpst a year now.

      April Vanetten