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The Just-B Natural Barrel Saddle is tree-free and provides freedom of movement, comfort and closeness to help your horse reach his full potential. Featuring a wooden spring and cantle, but no bars, his JBN is a great option for riders looking for the ultimate close feel or for horses who struggle to cope with a traditional saddle.

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Designed without wood, the Just-B-Natural Classic Barrel provides the classic arched seat that riders love, with wood giving the saddle shape ridges and cantles to help maintain ridership. Please install it in a place where there are no bars that will interfere with the horse’s movement or close contact with the horse. The front of the skirt and the bottom of the legs are also cut back to provide comfort and precise response for your horse.

The 3914 Just-B-Natural Classic Barrel saddle is a treeless barrel racing saddle designed for close contact and freedom of movement. It features a wooden swell and cantle to provide shape and support, but no bars to impede the rider’s leg or the horse’s movement. The skirt is cut back in the front and under the leg for rider comfort and precise cueing.

Here are some of the key features of the 3914 Just-B-Natural Classic Barrel saddle:

Tree Free
No bars to restrict the horse’s fit or movement
Gel Skirt Insert
Gel-like cushioning inside the skirt provides spine clearance
Absorbs shock
Distributes weight
Skirt Cut-out
For Precise Steering
Barrel Fender
Forward Hanging
Ribbon Buckle with Rider Lock
Prevent Sleeve Slip While Riding
Pre-Rotated Fender
Adjustable 3-Way Attachment
Distributes Pressure
Cutback Apron 444 4 Ki-instep Freedom High Whisper for Horses
Hoof Pick Holder
Country of Manufacture USA

Color Chocolate
Discipline Barrel
Weight 28.00 lbs
Edge Height 5.00 inches
Brand Circle Y
Horn 3 1/2″ Neck x 2″ Cap
Swell 14″ 4 44 4S Seat Color Black Suede
Seat Color Black Suede
Seat Size 13 1/2″, 14 1/2″, 15 1/2″, 16 1/2 Inches
Color Chocolate

Tool Grade None
Rigging 3- Way Adjustable Inner Skirt
Tree Type Just B- Natural Treeless
Tree Fit Regular, Wide
Skirt Length 13.00 in.
Skirt Length 25.50 in.
Weight 28.0000

Overall, the 3914 Just-B-Natural Classic Barrel saddle is a good option for barrel racers who are looking for a close-contact saddle that will allow them to move with their horse. It is also a good option for horses that are hard to fit with traditional saddles. However, it is important to consider the pros and cons of this type of saddle before making a purchase.

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