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The 2240 Cloverleaf Barrel saddle by Circle Y is your agile companion for thrilling barrel racing. Designed with a High Country tree for wider fits, this saddle offers speed, style, and lightweight maneuverability.

Purchase the 2240 Cloverleaf Barrel Saddle online for precision barrel racing.
Saddle up for dynamic barrel racing performances with the agile and compact 2240 Cloverleaf Barrel, an essential component of our BARREL SADDLES collection. Crafted to keep you firmly anchored during swift turns, this saddle is a go-to choice for speed and agility.

Precision Design for Foundation-Style Horses
Featuring a High Country tree, this saddle caters to foundation-style horses requiring a wider fit from shoulder to loin. Its sleek, short skirts ensure a lightweight and maneuverable option, perfect for fast-paced racing.

Gripping Performance and Aesthetics
Designed to impress, this saddle’s short strings, vibrant turquoise conchos, and intricate border tooling not only elevate aesthetics but also guarantee a visually appealing ride.

Circle Y features:

Discipline: Barrel Racing
Weight: 24.00 pounds
Cantle height: 4.50 inches
Brand: Circle Y
Swell: 13 inches
Seat Color: Black Suede, Chocolate Suede
Seat Sizes: 13 1/2″, 14″, 14 1/2″, 15″, 16″
Colors: chocolate, heavy oil
Tooling Degree: Full Border
Tooling Type: Lace
Rigging: 7/8 in-skirt C
Tree Type: High Country Fiberglass Reinforced
Tree Fit: High Country Wide
Skirt Drop: 12.00 inches
Skirt Length: 24.00 inches
Manufactured in the United States by Circle Y, the 2240 Cloverleaf Barrel Saddle offers precision and style for your barrel racing endeavors. Purchase online for a gripping and stylish ride, ensuring top-notch performance on every turn.

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Weight24.00 kg
Seat color

Black Suede, Chocoate Suede

Seat Size

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