17″ Used Lemke English Dressage Saddle 703-5617


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The “17” Used Lemke English Dressage Saddle 703-5617″ is the pinnacle of style and accuracy in the dressage industry. This saddle was made by Lemke, a recognized name in English saddlery, and it has a roomy 17″ Your dressage performance will be improved with this seat. This saddle provides unrivaled comfort and support for you and your horse, whether you’re performing complex dressage exercises or sharpening your skills in the ring. It is made with exceptional craftsmanship and is meticulously detailed to improve your relationship and communication with your equine companion. Riding in the Lemke English Dressage Saddle, where beauty meets performance for your triumphant moments, you can enter the dressage arena with style and confidence.

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English Saddle

Take a look at this gorgeous english saddle. This saddle is all-black and has smooth leather. The saddle comes with stirrup leathers and irons.

Weight: Approx. 22 lbs

Gullet: Wide

Finished Seat Size: 17″

Skirt Length: 19.5″

Tree Size: N/A


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