17″ New HR Saddlery Western Mule Wade Saddle 1-1174


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Discover the ideal mule saddle featuring a rich medium oil finish, tailored design, secure rough-out hard seat, elegant basket stamp tooling, silver accents, J-plate rigging, rear cinch, and precise specifications for unmatched comfort and style.

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Discover the ideal saddle for mules, complete with distinctive features:

  1. Medium Oil Saddle Finish: A rich medium oil finish adds both style and durability to this saddle.
  2. Tailored for Mules: Crafted with mules in mind, this saddle is a perfect match for these sturdy and reliable animals.
  3. Rough-Out Hard Seat with Cantle Slots: Enjoy a secure and comfortable seat with a rough-out hard seat design featuring convenient cantle slots.
  4. Elegant Basket Stamp Tooling: The saddle boasts a simple yet elegant basket stamp tooling pattern, adding a touch of sophistication.
  5. Silver Slotted Conchos with Rings and Saddle Strings: Enhance the saddle’s appearance with silver slotted conchos, complete with rings and saddle strings.
  6. J-Plate Rigging: The J-plate rigging ensures stability and balance during your rides.
  7. Includes a Rear Cinch: For added security and control, this saddle comes with a rear cinch.

Explore the Saddle’s Specifications:

  • Cantle Height: 4.5 inches
  • Horn Height: 3 inches
  • Skirt Length: Approximately 26 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 35 lbs
  • Tree Size: 17 inches
  • Seat Size: 17 inches
  • Gullet: 7 inches from mid-concho to mid-concho

Experience comfort, style, and functionality like never before with this meticulously designed saddle, perfect for mules and riders alike


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