17″ Big Horn Cushion Flex Tree Saddle-1035R CLEARANCE


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Big Horn’s cordura saddle is designed to fit both horses and riders, offering cost and weight savings. Built on a Steele Equi-Fit flexible tree with Quarter Horse bars, it features a grainout seat with Dual Density Memory Foam padding.

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Big Horn Flex Tree Saddle 288

Made In The USA

The Big Horn cordura saddle is a cost-effective and lightweight option that is designed to fit your horse comfortably while also being friendly to your wallet. It features a Steele Equi-Fit flexible tree with Quarter Horse bars, providing a good fit for your horse’s back.

The saddle is equipped with 7/8 conventional rigging, allowing for secure attachment of the cinch. The grainout seat is designed for comfort and is padded with Dual Density Memory Foam, providing a cushioned riding experience.

For added security, the saddle has a 4″ cantle with a Cheyenne roll, ensuring that you stay secure in any situation. The saddle is finished in black leather and Cordura, giving it a sleek and durable appearance.

Additional features include leather conchos, breast collar dees, etched conchos, and clipping dees for saddle strings. These features offer convenience and versatility for attaching accessories and gear.

The Big Horn cordura saddle is proudly made in the USA, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and supporting local manufacturing.



  • Tree: Steele Equi-Fit flexible tree, quarter horse bars
  • Rigging: 7/8 double conventional, heavy stainless steel dees.
  • Seat: Grainout with extra padding.
  • Cantle: 4″ with 1 1/2″ Cheyenne roll.
  • Skirt Length: 26″
  • Trim: Smooth leather front, jockeys, and cantle binding. Cordura nylon skirts, fenders, and housings, breast collar dees. Etched conchos with clipping dees for attaching saddle strings.
  • Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pedal.
  • Weight: 22
  • Finish: Black


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