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17.5″ H13Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle 1683


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The 1683 model, similar to the 1682, is a 17.5″ seat saddle designed for draft horses or draft crosses, featuring a fiberglass-covered wood draft horse tree, long leather strings, solid brass rings, and a 4″ Cheyenne roll cantle, with double, stainless steel dropped D rigging.

    Big Horn Draft Horse Saddle

    Made In The USA

    The 1683 model, much like its predecessor, the 1682, boasts a sturdy 17.5″ seat, making it an ideal choice for draft horses or draft crosses. Crafted on Big Horn’s fiberglass-covered wood draft horse tree, this saddle is designed with both pleasure riding and trail riding in mind. Its 17.5″ Dual Density Memory Foam seat provides exceptional comfort, while the long leather strings and solid brass rings offer practicality and convenience. With Big Horn’s striking #2 brown finish and subtle tooling and border, this saddle exudes elegance. Additionally, the 4″ Cheyenne roll cantle adds a touch of style. Notable features include double, stainless steel dropped D rigging, a draft horse/draft cross tree, and a dual-density memory foam seat.



    • Tree: Fiberglass-covered wood for Draft horse and Draft crosses
    • Cantle: 4″
    • Seat: 16″ grain out with Dual Density Memory Foam
    • Horn: 3″ x 2.5″
    • Gullet: Extra Wide 8″ width x 7.25″ high
    • Rigging: Double, stainless steel dropped D
    • Skirts: 28″ x 14″
    • Fenders: 17″ x 7.5″, 2.5″
    • Stirrups: Leather-covered Visalia, 4.5″ tread width
    • Finish: Brown
    • Trim: Solid brass rings, solid brass back crupper ring, and leather ties.
    • Weight: Approximately 30 lbs.
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