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16″ 17″ Dakota FQHB Roping Saddle 501-c443



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Dakota Saddlery offers affordable, durable roping saddles, including a handmade roper built on a Steele Equi-Fit fiberglass-covered tree with double 7/8 rigging and stainless steel dees. It features a matching back strap, basketweave hand tooling, and a Cheyenne roll cantle.

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Dakota Roping Saddle 501-c

Made In The USA

IIntroducing our new partnership with Dakota Saddlery, we are excited to offer you a range of affordable and durable roping saddles. Our latest addition is a handmade roper that combines exceptional craftsmanship with top-notch materials to provide you with a saddle that will stand the test of time.

One of the key features of this roping saddle is its sturdy construction. It is built on a Steele Equi-Fit fiberglass-covered tree, ensuring maximum strength and stability. This tree is designed to fit Full-QH Bars, providing a comfortable and secure fit for both horse and rider.

In addition to its exceptional functionality, this roping saddle also boasts a range of special features. It comes with a matching back strap, adding a touch of style and coherence to your riding gear. The golden brown leather is adorned with beautiful basketweave hand tooling, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the saddle. The Cheyenne roll cantle adds a classic touch, completing the traditional look of the saddle.

Let’s not forget the practical aspects of this roping saddle. With a skirt length of 27 1/2″, it provides ample coverage and protection for your horse’s back. The 4″ cantle with Cheyenne roll offers support and security, while the stirrup leathers with Blevins buckles allow for easy adjustment and a personalized fit. Despite its durability, this roping saddle weighs approximately 38lb, making it manageable and comfortable for extended periods of use.




  • Tree: Fiberglass Covered Full-QH Bars
  • Horn: Standard Post 3-3/4″ High 2-1/4″ Cap
  • Skirt Length: 27 1/2″
  • Rigging: Double Stainless Steel Dees 7/8″ Position.
  • Cantle: 4″ with Cheyenne Roll
  • Stirrup Leathers: 3″ with Blevins Buckles
  • Weight: Approx 38lb
Size / Color

16gb 16inch Golden Brown FQHB, 17gb 17inch Golden Brown FQHB(+$15)


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