15″ Used Heiser Keyston Western Pleasure Saddle 738-6095



SKU: 738-6095

Let me introduce our premium. “A rider’s fantasy comes true with the 15” used Heiser Keyston Western Pleasure Saddle, 738-6095! This saddle, which was made to be both fashionable and functional, strikes the ideal balance between tradition and modernity. With a convenient 15 “on the path or in the ring, it guarantees hours of fun riding. The Heiser Keyston design offers the maximum in stability and support and ensures a secure fit for both you and your horse. This saddle was built with high-quality components, has withstood the test of time, and is prepared to go on your next journey. This amazing saddle will improve your riding abilities and is a great treasure for Western pleasure fans.

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Saddle Features

Medium brown leather finish
Padded brown seat
No tooling
Saddle strings
Easy two way rigging
Includes a rear cinch
Model # – 602 1/4
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 2″
Horn height: 3″
Skirt length: Approx. 26″
Weight: Approx. 40 lbs
Tree size: 16″
Seat size: 15″
Gullet: 6″ mid-concho to mid-concho


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