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15″ to 17″ Billy Cook Wade Ranch Saddle 2197-2693F



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Mother Hubbard skirts offer a single, short round cut saddle for trail riding and ranch work. Built on a strong, rawhide covered tree, it features flat plate rigging, roughout seat, fenders, conchos, and strings for serious riders.

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Billy Cook Wade Ranch Saddle 2197

Made In The USA

Welcome to the world of short-backed, working horses! If you’ve been searching for the perfect saddle to meet your trail riding and ranch work needs, then look no further. IIntroducing the Mother Hubbard skirts, a revolutionary design that has been specifically crafted to eliminate interference and provide utmost comfort for both horse and rider.

Built on a strong, rawhide covered wood tree with a post horn, this Wade saddle is a true testament to durability and functionality. The single, short round cut skirt ensures that there is no unnecessary bulk or hindrance under the horse’s legs, allowing for a smooth and unrestricted movement.

But that’s not all – this saddle has been designed with the serious rider in mind. The roughout seat and fenders offer enhanced grip, ensuring that you stay securely in the saddle even during the most challenging rides. Whether you’re navigating uneven terrain or working hard on the ranch, this saddle will keep you firmly seated and in control.

In addition to its practical features, this saddle also boasts a touch of style. With conchos for added flair and strings to secure your gear, it combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. It truly is a saddle that caters to the needs of serious riders who appreciate both performance and style.

So, if you’re a dedicated rider in search of a saddle that can withstand the demands of trail riding and ranch work, look no further than this Wade saddle with Mother Hubbard skirts. Its flat plate rigging, roughout seat and fenders, and sturdy construction make it the perfect companion for your equine partner. Invest in a saddle that is built to last and enjoy countless hours of comfortable and productive riding.

Made in Sulphur, Oklahoma.



  • TREE: Wade – Rawhide covered wood tree, FQH Bars
  • SEAT SIZE: 15″, 15.5″, 16″, 17″ (extra cost)
  • HORN: 3.5″ Post Horn
  • SWELL: 8″ hand stamped
  • CANTLE: 4.5″ with straight pencil roll, rawhide bound lip
  • RIGGING: In Skirt plate
  • SKIRTS: Mother Hubbard – close contact single skirt
  • STIRRUPS: 2″ laced bell, rawhide covered
  • TOOLING: Waffle Tooling with border stamp, Half Breed – wrong side out seat and fenders.
  • WEIGHT: Approx 37lbs

**Note: Saddle no longer comes with front cinch**

Size / Color

155HO 15.5inch Hot Oil, 15HO 15inch Hot Oil, 16HO 16inch Hot Oil, 17HO 17inch Hot Oil (+$130)


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