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15″ to 17″ Billy Cook VC Reiner Saddle 9603-2675f



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Billy Cook creates a classic reining saddle with rawhide covered tree, lowboy horn, bell stirrups, close contact skirt rigging, and hand-stamped chestnut leather with a floral design for maximum comfort and control.

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Billy Cook VC Reiner Saddle 9603

Made In The USA

Billy Cook is renowned for his expertise in crafting reining saddles that offer both comfort and style. The reiner saddle he produces is a true classic, as it incorporates the key elements that riders seek. Constructed from a rawhide covered reiner tree, it provides a sturdy foundation. The lowboy reiner horn and generous bell stirrups further enhance the overall design, ensuring optimal performance. Moreover, the close contact in skirt rigging offers maximum comfort and control while riding. The chestnut leather used in this saddle is meticulously hand-stamped with a beautiful floral design, adding a touch of elegance. With Billy Cook’s reiner saddle, riders can expect a remarkable combination of functionality and aesthetics.



  • Tree: VC reiner, rawhide covered
  • Seat Size: 16″
  • Horn: 1 3/4″ Lowboy reinier, leather covered
  • Swell: 13″ hand stamped
  • Cantle: 3 1/2″ tooled
  • Rigging: In skirt close contact full rigging
  • Skirts: 28″, Synthetic fleece lined
  • Stirrups: 2″ Bell rawhide covered
  • Pattern: Floral, hand stamped
  • Weight: Approximately 30 lbs
Size / Color

155C 15.5inch Chestnut, 15C 15inch Chestnut, 16C 16inch Chestnut, 17C 17inch Chestnut (+$130)


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