15″ New Circle Y High Horse Western Oakland Trainer Saddle


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The 6315 Oakland Trainer saddle, expertly designed for starting young colts and refining show horses, offers superior grip and comfort with its custom rounded skirts, full roughout leather, and pre-turned fenders, all handcrafted in Yoakum, Texas, embodying American value and craftsmanship despite its affordability.


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IIntroducing the 6315 Oakland Trainer, a saddle designed to equip you with the essential tools for initiating young colts or refining your show horse’s performance. This custom-made saddle boasts rounded skirts, ensuring a comfortable fit for various back lengths. Crafted from full roughout leather, it provides superior grip in the saddle while requiring minimal maintenance. The pre-turned fenders enhance your balance and overall riding comfort.

Handcrafted in Yoakum, Texas, all High Horse saddles exemplify American value and craftsmanship. Despite its affordability, this saddle doesn’t compromise on style or quality and rivals higher-priced alternatives. With a weight of approximately 26 lbs, a 7″ mid-concho to mid-concho gullet, a finished seat size of 14.5″, a skirt length of 25.5″, and a 15″ tree size, the 6315 Oakland Trainer is your ticket to success in the arena.

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