15.5″ Used Unbranded Western Show Saddle 723-5933



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Presenting the “In the show ring, the 15.5″ Used Unbranded Western Show Saddle 723-5933 will allow your performance to speak for itself. While being unbranded, this saddle says words with its cozy 15.5” It is a flexible option for several Western show disciplines because of its comfy seat and excellent design. This saddle provides unrivaled style and comfort for both you and your horse, whether you’re competing in reining, pleasure, or equitation disciplines. It is guaranteed to attract the judge’s attention because of its meticulous detailing and fine craftsmanship. With the Unbranded Western Show Saddle, you can steal the show and leave a lasting impression. It combines performance and elegance for your best moments in the ring.

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Saddle Features

Dark oil leather
Full floral tool
Mixed metal plating
Suede black seat
J-Plate rigging
Rear show billet
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 3″
Horn height: 2″
Skirt length: 28″
Weight: 34 lbs
Tree size: 16″
Seat size: 15.5″
Gullet: 7″


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