15.5″ New Billy Cook Western Ranch Cutting Saddle 108969-15.5


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Elevate your riding experience with the Billy Cook Ranch Cutter saddle, boasting intricate detailing, superior grip, and the promise of a cherished family heirloom.

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Experience the true essence of a Billy Cook Ranch Cutter saddle – a workhorse elevated to new heights with intricate spider and faux buckstitch detailing. Enhanced with a rough-out seat jockey, seat, and fenders, this saddle offers superior grip and an ideal perch for riders of all levels. Convenient saddle strings ensure your gear remains within easy reach. Don’t compromise on your ranch cutting saddle choice. With a genuine Billy Cook, you’re investing in a saddle destined to become a cherished family heirloom, cherished and passed down through generations.


  • Weight: Approximately 40 lbs
  • Gullet: 6.75″ from mid-concho to mid-concho
  • Finished Seat Size: 15.5″
  • Skirt Length: 28″
  • Tree Size: 15.5″

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