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15″ 16″ Crates Light Ladies Competition Trail Saddle 2172


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    Crates Light Ladies Trail Saddle 2172

    Made In The USAConsidered a “competition trail saddle” by Crates, this Ladies Trail model features shorter fenders (16″) with more room for adjustment, 2″ shaped types of leather for reduced ankle strain, and weighs in at a mere 26lbs.

    Built on a Steele Equi-Fit fiberglass-covered wood tree for those who are not interested in a flex saddle.

    An adjustable C plate rigging in the popular 7/8 position is covered by worn leather so your fenders can move without interference.

    A Cheyenne roll 4″ cantle on a grain-out padded seat is a great combination for the trail. Enough support to let you ride with confidence without impeding your ability to mount/dismount.

    Finished in your choice of Chestnut or Mahogany with Montana Silversmith Sterling Plated Berry conchos.

    Trimmed with a hand-tooled border beads cam design and stainless hardware.


    • Tree: Equifit Fiberglass Covered Tree
    • Seat: 15″ 16″ multi-layered seat over gain-out chap leather
    • Cantle Height: 4″
    • Skirt: 26″ x 13″ saddle fleece lined
    • Fenders: 16.5″ x 7″, 2″ Stirrup Leathers
    • Rigging: Fully adjustable C plate rigging, 7/8 position
    • Finish: Chestnut or Mahogany
    • Hardware: Stainless steel
    • Tooling: Hand-tooled border blade and cam design
    • Conchos: Montana Silversmith Sterling Plated Berry conchos
    • Weight: Approx 27 lbs
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Note: Horn cap no longer has rawhide rim

    Note: Stirrups are now rawhide-covered contesting stirrups.


    15 inch, 16.5 Inch

    Tree Size



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