14″ Used Fabtron Western Trail Saddle 547-5166


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Let’s introduce the 14″ Your ticket to cozy and dependable trail riding is the used Fabtron Western Trail Saddle 547-5166. This saddle combines Fabtron’s fine craftsmanship with the cost-effectiveness of a gently used model. It is expertly made and has a 14—the ideal seat size for those looking for stability and comfort while traveling. The saddle’s 547-5166 model guarantees strength and style, making it a great option for riders of all skill levels. This saddle gives you the support and comfort you need for a fantastic riding experience, whether you’re exploring winding woodland trails or wide-open plains. Enhance your trips with Fabtron’s reliable quality.

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Forget about saddling your horse with a 40 lb. saddle, consider this 18 lb. Fabtron trail! This all-black, half-leather/half-synthetic saddle is outfitted with all of the features a rider requires to have fun in the arena or on the trail. A black suede seat is provided to keep the rider comfortable and secure. This saddle has no tooling, making it ideal for any minimalistic rider.

Weight: Approx. 18 lbs

Gullet: 6.5″ mid-concho to mid concho

Finished Seat Size: 14″

Skirt Length: 24.5″

Tree Size: 15″


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