14″ Used Courts Western Pleasure Saddle 2-1517


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The 14″ Used Courts Western Pleasure Saddle 2-1517, designed to fulfill the needs of Western pleasure riders, is an example of fine craftsmanship and comfort. It provides a snug and comfortable fit for a variety of riders with its 14″ seat size, offering a pleasurable riding experience.
The beautiful flower tooling on this saddle gives your riding accessories a refined, artistic touch. Its overall elegance is enhanced by the silver conchos and embellishments, making it ideal for the show ring or leisurely trail rides.
It offers exceptional comfort and support because it was made with the rider and the horse in mind. With the 14″ Used Courts Western Pleasure Saddle 2-1517, where style and performance converge beautifully, you can take your Western pleasure riding to the next level.

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Saddle Features

Medium brown leather finish
Full floral tooling
Tan/yellow buckstitch frame
Single rounded edge skirt
Easy single rigging
Silver conchos
Saddle strings to keep gear close at hand
Comes with a rear cinch
Model number: 2408
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 2.25″
Horn height: 3.25″
Skirt length: Approx. 24.5″
Weight: Approx. 30 lbs
Tree size: 14.5″
Seat size: 14″
Gullet: 6.5″


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