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14″ to 16″ Circle Y Xtreme Performance UC Calf Roper Saddle 1253 w470/Free Pad


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The Arena Roper by Billy Cook is a classic roping saddle with durability and quality. It features low quarterhorse bars, short horn, roper stirrups, a quilted seat, and a 21 strand roper cinch, all finished with border stamped leather.

    Circle Y Xtreme Performance UC Calf Roper Saddle

    Made In The USA

    XP® Saddles are renowned for their customizable features, and the XP® Roper is no exception. Created in collaboration with calf ropers and endorsed by UC Roping, this saddle is designed to cater to the needs of both horse and rider.

    One notable feature of the XP® Roper is the set of on-tree dees, which are connected to a Kevlar-reinforced tree. This tree comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring durability and peace of mind for the rider.

    The saddle also boasts a mid-sized cantle, roper horn, and large bell stirrups, all of which contribute to a winning posture. These elements are carefully designed to provide comfort and stability, allowing the rider to perform at their best.

    In addition, the XP® Roper features rigging cutouts in the skirt. These cutouts serve two purposes: reducing bulk and providing a closer contact ride. By minimizing unnecessary weight and facilitating a closer connection between the rider and the horse, the saddle enhances the overall riding experience.



    • Color: Regular Oil
    • Tooling: Mini Snake Border Tool
    • Tree: Precision Kevlar Regular & Wide
    • Silver: Engraved UC
    • Rigging: 7/8 Double Dee
    • Swell Width: 13″
    • Cantle Height: 3 1/4″
    • Horn Size: 3 ” Neck, 3″ Cap
    • Skirt Size: 15″D x 27″L
    • Weight: 40 lbs.
    Seat Size

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    Tree Size



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