14.5″ Used Fabtron Lady Trail Supreme Western Saddle 2-1537


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I give you the 14.5″ The used Fabtron Lady Trail Supreme Western Saddle 2-1537 combines comfort, style, and quality to provide an outstanding trail riding experience. This saddle expertly combines Fabtron’s renowned craftsmanship with a capacious 14.5-inch seat. Female passengers will benefit from seats that are customized to their needs if they desire the perfect combination of comfort and style. The 2-1537 model of the Lady Trail Supreme series, which was meticulously built with a woman’s comfort in mind, provides a secure and sumptuous riding experience. This saddle offers the highest riding comfort possible due to its professional craftsmanship, use of high-quality materials, and careful attention to detail. You can trust it whether you’re traversing a long distance or exploring stunning terrain.

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Saddle Features

Smooth leather seat jockey, rear housing, pommel and cantle featuring a medium-dark finish
Cordura skirt and fenders
Black 1″ padded and quilted top grain seat with 1.5″ cheyenne roll
Leather features a braided camo border
Specially designed fabtron supreme skirt
Full double rigged stainless D-rigging
Floral stainless steel conchos
Includes rear tie strings and stainless steel stirrups
Features a Truefit tree
Serial number: 7952
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 5″
Horn height: 3″
Skirt length: Approx. 25.5″
Weight: Approx. 23 lbs
Tree size: 15″
Seat size: 14.5
Gullet: 7″ mid-concho to mid concho


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