14.5″ Used Cashel Western Trail Saddle 717-5874



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I present the 14.5″ A comfortable and joyful trail riding experience is yours with the used Cashel Western Trail Saddle, model number 717-5874! This saddle combines the renowned workmanship of Cashel with a roomy 14.5-inch seat, the “ideal seat size for riders looking for security and comfort during extended rides. The 717-5874 model is built to last and is versatile, making it a great option for navigating both rocky terrain and leisurely paths. This seat gives you the support and comfort you need for great journeys, whether you’re riding down winding country roads or across wide grasslands. Enhance your trail explorations with Cashel’s reliable quality, and ride with assurance on every excursion.

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Saddle Features

Built on the Axis True Fit tree, with a unique fiberglass seat and the finest kiln-dried South Dakota white pine
Double stirrup leather cut-outs and a smooth surface with flared edges create a smooth, balanced ride
Light on weight and heavy on quality
Double Padded, ultra soft seat provides advanced rider comfort
Convenience rings are woven into each string set
Chocolate Herman Oak Leather
Diamond border tool
Metal stirrups with grippers
Saddle Specifications

Skirt length: Approx. 25″
Weight: Approx. 27 lbs
Seat Size: 14.5″
Tree Size: 15″
Gullet: 7.5″
Cashel tree size: Wide 7.5″


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