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14.5″ to 18″ HR Hud Roberts Signature Series TM Roper Saddle 799


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Roper’s Marine Fiber Glass Covered Tree Saddle ist die beste Wahl für Rider, die nach Komfort, Langlebigkeit und Design suchen. Because it has a 7″ gullet and a 13 1/2″ bar spread, it will be comfortable for the horse and rider. Es gibt Sitzgrößen für alle Sitze und das Leder ist aus Chestnut Herman Oak für Langlebigkeit. Black elephant seat adds luxury, wool lining moisture absorption and temperature regulation. Die Elemente des Designs, einschließlich einer handgefertigten floralen Waffle-Border, einer rauen Fender und des Jockeys mit Waffle-Border, verbessern die Griffigkeit und den Stil. The angled roper stirrups ensure optimale Fußposition und Stabilität.

    Signature Series TM Roper Saddle 799

    Made In The USA

    TM Roper presents a remarkable addition to the equestrian world with their Marine Fiber Glass Covered Tree saddle. This essay will delve into the various features and benefits of this saddle, including its gullet size, bar spread, seat sizes, leather quality, lining, seat design, border patterns, and stirrups. With its exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, the TM Roper saddle is a top choice for riders seeking comfort, durability, and style.

    The TM Roper saddle boasts a 7″ gullet and a 13 1/2″ bar spread, ensuring a comfortable fit for both horse and rider. The carefully designed gullet allows for proper spinal clearance, reducing the risk of discomfort or injury during extended riding sessions. The wider bar spread provides stability and even weight distribution, enhancing the overall riding experience.

    TM Roper understands that riders come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, their saddle is available in all seat sizes, allowing riders to find the perfect fit for their individual needs. The use of high-quality Chestnut Herman Oak Leather ensures both durability and elegance, guaranteeing a long-lasting investment.

    To provide maximum comfort, the TM Roper saddle features a real wool lining. This natural material offers excellent moisture absorption and temperature regulation, keeping the horse’s back cool and dry. The black elephant seat, meticulously hand-stitched, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the saddle, making it a standout choice for riders who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

    TM Roper pays attention to every detail, as reflected in the design elements of this saddle. The tooled floral waffle border on a black dyed background showcases the brand’s commitment to intricate and eye-catching aesthetics. Moreover, the rough-out fender and jockey with waffle border on the jockey fender and main skirt add a unique texture, enhancing both grip and style.

    The TM Roper saddle is equipped with angled roper stirrups, designed to provide riders with optimal foot positioning and stability. The angled design reduces strain on the knees and ankles, allowing for a more comfortable and secure ride, even during long hours in the saddle.


    • TM Roper
    • Marine Fiber Glass Covered Tree
    • 7″ Gullet 13 1/2″ Bar Spread
    • All Seat Sizes Available
    • Chestnut Herman Oak Leather
    • Real Wool Lined
    • Black Elephant Seat Hand Stitched
    • Tooled Floral Waffle Border Black Dyed Background
    • Rough Out Fender And Jockey Waffle Border On Jockey Fender And Main Skirt
    • Angled Roper Stirrups

    14.5inch, 15 inch, 15.5inch, 16 Inch, 16.5 Inch, 17 Inch, 17.5 Inch, 18 Inch


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