14.5″ New Scott Thomas Western Barrel Racing Saddle BR500


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The “BR500, a 14.5” new Scott Thomas Western Barrel Racing Saddle, is a premium saddle made for the most devoted barrel racers. This saddle was expertly created by renowned saddle maker Scott Thomas and measures a generous 14.5 inches. It was designed with perfect performance in the arena in mind.
The Scott Thomas BR500 ensures that you and your horse will both experience unmatched comfort and agility by fusing a classic Western style with cutting-edge technologies. With every step, this expertly crafted tree’s stability and flexibility will improve your barrel racing performance. You aren’t just buying a saddle when you buy a Scott Thomas Western Barrel Racing Saddle BR500; you are also investing in a winning partnership based on speed, style, and quality. Take command of the barrels with assurance and style, and ride

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Saddle Features

Two-toned light oil rough-out and walnut antique
Walnut dye edge
Copper buckstitch
Bicycle padded embossed seat
Round barrel leg cut skirt
1/8 combo link tooling
Stainless steel hardware
BW barrel wood fiberglass covered tree
Aluminum barrel stirrups with rubber tread
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 4.5″
Horn height: 3.5″
Skirt length: Approx. 25″
Weight: Approx. 16″
Tree size: 15″
Seat size: 14.5″
Gullet: 7″ mid-concho to mid-concho


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