14.5″ New Loredo Western Barrel Racing Saddle 1-1146



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The “14.5” New Loredo Western Barrel Racing Saddle 1-1146 perfectly combines performance and style to capture the essence of barrel racing. This saddle, made by Loredo, a brand that is known for its high quality, is intended to help you win the arena.
The 14.5-inch seat of the Loredo Western Barrel Racing Saddle is a “well-crafted seat for the rider’s comfort and control during those exhilarating barrel runs. You may move through barrels with assurance and grace because of its creative design, carefully built tree, and streamlined profile, which offer optimal balance, responsiveness, and agility.
The Loredo Western Barrel Racing Saddle 1-1146 lets you experience the perfect balance of speed and workmanship. It is designed to help you overcome obstacles and is more than just a saddle.

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Saddle Features

Handcrafted floral tooling
Antique finish
Natural leather
Jeremiah Watt Conchos
Rough-out seat jockey and fenders for grip
Inlaid textured seat
Matching Rear Cinch
Mother Hubbard Skirt
Double loop latigo keeper
In-skirt rigging
Hoof pick holder
Perfect for speed events!
Saddle Specifications

Cantle height: 4.5″
Skirt Length: Approx. 25.5″
Approx. Weight: 31 lbs
Seat Size: 14.5″
Tree Size: 15″
Gullet: 7″


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