13.5″ to 16″ Circle Y Dakota Barrel Saddle 2230



Made specifically for barrel racing, the Circle Y Dakota Barrel Saddle 2230 boasts a high cantle, lightweight design, a 13.5″ to 16″ seat size range, and a grippable horn for maximum performance.




13.5″ to 16″ Circle Y Dakota Barrel Saddle 2230

“13.5” to 16″ Circle Y Dakota Barrel Saddle 2230.” I can give you some general information regarding Circle Y saddles and what characteristics barrel saddles usually have, though.

A well-known company called Circle Y manufactures a range of Western-style saddles, including saddles for barrel racing. Saddles made especially for barrel racing are used in this fast-paced rodeo competition where competitors maneuver barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.

The following are typical characteristics of barrel racing saddles:

Dimensions of the seat:

Saddles for barrel racing usually available in a range of seat sizes, from 13.5 inches to 16 inches. The rider’s comfort and desire will determine the size you select.

The interior framework that offers support and structure is known as the saddle tree. Variations in tree sizes and types may be preferred by various riders. A more lightweight and compact tree is common in barrel racing saddles, which helps the rider move more easily during rapid manoeuvres.

A barrel racing saddle often has a tall, comfortable horn. It provides the rider with a handle for abrupt stops and sharp bends.

Higher cantles on barrel racing saddles are common to give the rider more security and support.

skirt and rigging

The portion of the saddle that covers the horse’s back is called the skirt. In order to save weight, barrel racing saddles may have a shorter skirt. For stability, the rigging that fastens the saddle to the horse can be hung forward or in-skirt.

Barrel racing saddle stirrups are made to be lightweight and facilitate rapid foot movement. Aluminum and other lightweight materials are frequently used to make them.

The saddle’s durability and attractiveness are determined by the quality of the leather used in it. More expensive saddles could include elaborate tooling and better leather.

Compared to other Western saddles, barrel racing saddles are often lighter, allowing the horse and rider to move more swiftly.

  • Seat Size: 13.5″, 14″, 14.5″, 15″, 16″
  • Seat Color: Black Suede-Quilted (Grey)
  • Saddle Color: Mahogany or Chocolate
  • Tooling: 1/2 Feather Hand tool
  • Tree: High Country Barrel
  • Hardware: Turquoise Scallop
  • Rigging: 7/8 In-Skirt C
  • Swell: 13″
  • Cantle: 4.5″
  • Horn Size: 3.5″ Neck, 2″ Cap
  • Skirt Size: 12″D x 24″L
  • Weight: Approximately 24lb
Weight20 kg


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