WintecLite Pony All Purpose HART Saddle WHAPLPXXXX



Elevate your pony’s comfort and your riding experience with the WintecLite Pony All Purpose HART Saddle WHAPLPXXXX. Designed with innovative Horse And Rider Technology (HART), this saddle offers exceptional performance and adaptability.

The CAIR Cushion System ensures even weight distribution and cushioning for your pony, while the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System allows you to customize the saddle’s fit to your pony’s specific shape. Its lightweight design and Equi-Suede seat provide young riders with confidence and security in the saddle.

Ride with ease and enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, knowing that both you and your pony are poised for success with the WintecLite Pony All Purpose HART Saddle.

WintecLite Pony All Purpose Saddle HART

The WintecLite PONY All Purpose HART® Saddle is ideal for participating in multiple disciplines and features a deep Equi-Fabric seat and slightly forward rounded flaps to offer a greater range of support for a strong, balanced position for any style rider. At only 6.6 pounds, this is the lightest saddle on the market, making it ideal for young riders and their ponies!

Constructed from weatherproof synthetic materials that require virtually no maintenance, Wintec saddles are a perfect choice for riders who want to spend less time in the barn and more time on their horse!

Included features

  • Durable, Comfortable & Weatherproof Materials
  • Adjustable Y-Rigging Girth System for Maximum Stability
  • Removable, Custom-Fit Flexibloc® Flap Support
  • Size Medium EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet Size Included
  • EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System for Versatility
  • Exclusive HART® Air-Cushioned Panel System
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Elastiflex™ Saddle Tree
  • Super Soft Panel Lining for Comfortable Fit
  • Ultra Lightweight – Only 6.6 Pounds!


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