Silver Royal Youth Sunflower Barrel Saddle Pkg



The Silver Royal Youth Sunflower Barrel Saddle Pkg is a stylish and functional choice for young barrel racers. With intricate sunflower tooling and included accessories,  it ensures both performance and Sun Barrel Saddleappeal.

Silver Royal Youth Sunflower Barrel Saddle Pkg

Barrel Saddle

The Sun Barrel Saddle Package presents young barrel racers with a blend of elegance and functionality, featuring intricate sunflower tooling for a distinctive touch. The meticulous attention to detail, evident in every aspect from the beautifully polished leather to the floral decorations, distinguishes this saddle as a standout choice.

  • Designed specifically for youth riders, it ensures support and balance during dynamic barrel runs. The stable tree and secure horn enhance longevity and safety, providing parents and riders with confidence in their investment.

With its comprehensive approach, the Silver Royal Youth Sunflower Barrel Saddle Package offers young riders a complete solution, seamlessly combining aesthetics and comfort. This exemplifies Silver Royal’s unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional barrel racing experiences for the youth.

In addition to its style and functionality, this package comes complete with matching accessories, further enhancing its appeal and practicality. Whether in training or competition, young barrel racers can rely on this package to meet their needs and elevate their performance.


Weight26.00 kg


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