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New Cashel Western Trail Saddle



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IIntroducing our lightweight, high-quality saddle with supple leather, streamlined design, and rider-friendly features, including a double-padded seat, AXIS tree, and versatile cinch placement options.


      IIntroducing the Saddle Features:

      Combining a lightweight design with uncompromising quality, our saddle is a testament to craftsmanship. Crafted from soft, supple leather and boasting a sleek, streamlined design, it stands as the ultimate trail companion. The thoughtfully positioned stirrup fenders ensure a comfortable leg angle, promoting stability, comfort, and rider security.

      The double-padded, ultra-soft seat takes rider comfort to the next level, ensuring a plush experience even during long rides. For added convenience, we’ve integrated rings into each string set, and the Cashel Trail saddle includes 5″ wide stirrups as standard equipment. Built on an AXIS tree, it guarantees full and even contact with your horse, enhancing your connection.

      Furthermore, our saddle features a standard 3-position D-rig, enabling you to choose the cinch placement that best suits your horse’s confirmation.

      Key Details:

      • Weight: 24.5 lbs.
      • Leather Color: Chocolate Herman Oak Leather.
      • Available Tree/Seat sizes: 15″, 16′, & 17″ (Please note that we stock the 16″ size and will need to inquire about availability for the 15″ & 17″ sizes).

      Gullet Specifications:

      • Regular: 6.5″ gullet
      • Wide: 7″ gullet
      • Wide7.5: 7.5″ gullet
      Tree Size:

      Regular, Wide, Wide 7.5"


      15", 16", 17"


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