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The absolute best youth saddle on the market, the MJ80 Josie Mitchell Cash Avenger solves youth riders’ biggest problem: being thrown forward while running. With forward-facing fenders, this saddle helps young riders learn balance and confidence in style.

Looking for the ultimate youth saddle? Meet the MJ80 Josey-Mitchell Youth Avenger. Designed to address the common issue of young riders being thrown forward while riding, this saddle offers unparalleled stability and balance. With forward-facing fenders that ensure the feet stay securely under the rider, it promotes a balanced seat and confident riding experience.

Crafted in the USA by Circle Y, the MJ80 Josey-Mitchell Youth Avenger features a short horn, junior-sized fenders, and stirrups tailored for young riders. The 9-inch tall shaft and 5-inch cantle provide a deep, secure fit, enhancing rider confidence.

The MJ80 Josey-Mitchell Youth Avenger saddle’s 3-way rigging distributes pressure evenly over the horse’s back, eliminating the need for rear straps. This thoughtful design ensures comfort for both the rider and the horse, allowing young riders to focus on developing their skills without worrying about stability issues.


  •  Forward-facing fenders for secure foot placement
  •  Short horn and junior-sized components for young riders
  •  3-way rigging for even pressure distribution
  •  Deep seat and secure fit for rider confidence


  •  Brand: Circle Y
  •  Discipline: Barrel Racing
  •  Weight: 26.00 lbs
  •  Cantle Height: 5.00 in
  •  Horn: 3 in. Neck x 2 1/4 in. Cap
  •  Swell: 13 in
  •  Seat: Blue Halo, Chocolate Suede with Rosa Litter; Chocolate wing leather with turquoise quilting, copper mauve imitation gaiters, gray suede and white quilting
  •  Seat size: 12 inches, 13 inches
  •  Color: Chocolate, Vintage
  •  Tooling: 1/2 Armor, Full Margins
  •  Rigging: 3 – Adjustable-Skirt
  •  Tree Type: Ultimate DURAHide™
  •  Tree Fit: Regular, Wide
  •  Gullet Drop: 13.50 inches
  •  Gullet Length: 22.50 inches

For young riders seeking stability and confidence in the saddle, the MJ80 Josie Mitchell Youth Avenger is the perfect choice. Invest in their riding journey with a saddle designed to support their development.
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Chocolate Suede with Pink Quilting, Chocolate Suede with Turquoise Quilting, Grey Suede



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