King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Pkg



With a synthetic saddle that requires less weight and upkeep than a typical leather saddle, the King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package is ideal for barrel racing. The word “Package” suggests that it can include extras like reins or a matching bridle. It is advised to visit the official King Series website or get in touch with authorized dealers for accurate and up-to-date information.


King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Pkg

Barrel Saddle

Nevertheless, I can provide you some general knowledge about barrel saddles and the King Series brand, which can help you know what to anticipate from a saddle in this class. King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package.

Saddles for barrels:

In barrel racing, a type of rodeo, the horse and rider maneuver quickly around barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.
Specifically made for this sport, barrel saddles include a forward-sloping horn, a deep seat, and a high cantle to offer support and stability during sharp turns.
Brand: King Series:

Saddles, bridles, and other horse-related accessories are among the many equestrian products that King Series is renowned for producing.
The company provides a variety of saddles to accommodate various riding styles and disciplines.

  1. Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package:
    • The mention of a “Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package” indicates that the saddle is made from synthetic materials rather than traditional leather.
    • Synthetic saddles are often lighter in weight, easier to clean, and more affordable than their leather counterparts.
    • A “Package” might suggest that the saddle comes with additional items, such as a matching bridle, reins, or other accessories.

When considering a King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package or any synthetic barrel saddle, it’s essential to consider factors such as:

  • Fit: Ensure that the saddle fits both the rider and the horse appropriately.
  • Materials: Assess the quality of the synthetic materials used for durability and comfort.
  • Extra Accessories: If the package comes with extras, consider their value and fit for your requirements.
    To ensure you get the most recent and accurate information possible on the King Series Synthetic Barrel Saddle Package, visit the official King Series website or get in touch with approved dealers. Customer testimonials and reviews can also shed light on the functionality and robustness of particular saddle models.
Weight3400 kg


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