Circle Y 1145 Josey Cash Outlaw Barrel Racing Saddle



SKU: 1145 Barrel Racing Saddle

Experience the 1145 Josey Cash Outlaw, a Circle Y saddle crafted for superior barrel racing. This saddle merges rugged allure with refined craftsmanship. Boasting lacy border tooling, an innovative 3-way Rigging system, and a secure Cash tree design.

Elevate your barrel racing prowess with the 1145 Josey Cash Outlaw saddle. An exquisite blend of rugged allure and refined craftsmanship.

This saddle embodies sophistication, showcasing exquisite lacy border tooling complemented by alternating antique nickel and copper spots, transforming a rustic all-roughout design into a symbol of elegance and performance.

Crafted on the renowned Cash tree, this saddle offers a 5″ cantle and a taller 9″ swell, ensuring a secure and comfortable seat as you navigate through barrels with precision.

The innovative 3-way Rigging system intelligently distributes rigging pressure across a broader area on your horse’s back, eliminating the necessity for a rear cinch while enhancing stability and comfort.

Designed and meticulously manufactured in the United States by Circle Y, this saddle stands as a testament to superior quality and precision.

Outlaw Barrel Racing Saddle

The Ultimate DURAhideTM tree is available in regular and wide fits. Guarantees durability and reliability, meeting the demands of intense riding sessions.

Versatility is key – available in various seat sizes (13 1/2″, 14″, 14 1/2″, 15″, 16″, 17″) and color options including chocolate and heavy oil, this saddle caters to diverse preferences, ensuring both style and functionality. The hard seat construction promises durability and provides long-lasting comfort without compromise.


  • Discipline: Barrel Racing
  • Weight: 29.00 Pounds
  • Cantle Height: 5.00 inches
  • Horn: 4″ Neck x 2″
  • Cap Swell: 13 inches
  • Tooling Degree: Full Border
  • Tooling Type: Lace
  • Rigging: 3-Way Adjustable In-skirt
  • Skirt Drop: 13.50 inches
  • Skirt Length: 24.50 inches

Unleash your potential with the 1145 Josey Cash Outlaw saddle, which is meticulously designed. Crafted to redefine your barrel racing experience with its fusion of style, comfort, and unparalleled performance.


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