Hickman Saddlery Decker Pack Saddle HS-Decker



SKU: HS-Decker
  • Superior Quality Pack Saddle.
  • If you give your Hickman decker pack saddle frequent oiling and upkeep, it should last you a lifetime.
  • Fits Equine between 800 and 1300 lbs.
  • Oiled harness leather, 12 oz.
  • Pine Tree. Twelve bolts secure the metal arches to the tree.
  • Collar for the Breasts. Rolled and lined with velvety chap leather. 30″ long and 3″ broad.
  • Swearing. soft chap leathered, rolled, and lined. 3 1/2″ broad. D ring to D ring, 52″ in length.
  • Thick 3/4-inch square metal rings and arches.
  • Hardware with a nickel plating.
  • The width of the leather straps is one inch. (12–14 oz)
  • Roller buckles that make adjusting simple.
  • # 4 canvas, half breed, 26″ x 45″. Half-breed with a rubberized 1-inch hog hair pad inside that doesn’t absorb moisture.
  • 28 lbs.

28.00 LBS


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